About MG Global

About the firm

MG Global is a specialist corporate real estate consultancy based in Singapore, which provides highly focused attention and services to the corporate business space needs. MG Global is a registered real estate company approved by the Inland Revenue of Singapore.


The company's philosophy is the synthesis of offering primary values of office space to ensure an individual and customized service combined with meeting timelines and our client's expectation. MG Global does not ascribe to a particular service style, our projects are process driven and client oriented.

Our Vision and Mission

Our mission is to find the perfect office space for our clients, which enriches all expectations. Spaces for work crafted around quality – conscious architecture of sensory experience.

Capabilities & Scope of work

MG Global's attention mainly focuses on a corporate office space leasing. Our creative strength lies in the full focus to verify accurately what our customer is looking for and the fast reaction to spot and zoom in on all available office spaces in Singapore. MG Global's particular expertise inspire in our highly qualified professionals aims to deliver efficient and precise advice to our clients based upon extensive and competent knowledge, a comprehensive database, an overlapping network and solid experience.

Our Team

Building a diverse group of highly skilled professionals into a top notch qualified services delivery team lies at the core of our objectives. The firm’s success is due to talented real estate consultants, sales executives, business and project development management, marketing managers and administrative staff working as an efficient team. MG Global acquires talent through exposure, training, education and by challenging talented individuals to the fore. To continue to grow as an organization, we actively recruit professionals with individual skills, experience and initiative to join our Team.

The Corporate Real Estate Consulting Team:

An international team of talented professionals from Asia and Europe bring a diverse set to the drawing board. Trained at top schools and other firms, as well as within the firm, the team offers consistent quality attention to each client and project. On-going training brings the team to a standard of core and professionalism under the mentorship of our general manager.

Support Team:

Enabling the consulting team to achieve their highest potential is a support team that forms the backbone of the office. Administration, marketing and business development executives are trained in hospitality and professionalism, enabling the firm to respond to the need of our clientele.